Water blaster for sale in Spain Water blaster for sale in Spain

Water blaster for sale in Spain

Date:2024-1-13 Author:admin

Watex high pressure water blaster for sale in Spain.

Client Mr Emery ,he has a factory in Chile , they purchased our three sets in Chile before . Due to their business in Spain. So they purchased our water blaster in Spain , he is in the industry of drilling pipe .

He supply the drilling service for the oil and gas industry . During the drilling there are lots of material insider of the pipe. They purchased some water blaster machine from USA ,and some manufactures from China . Considering the price and quality reason ,they choose us finally . This time they purchase our water blaster with 1500 bar and 50L/min export to spain. They purchased such water blaster machine also for the surface prepration like decoating and removing the rust for their pipe .

They also told us that they use such hydro blaster for the corrosion removal for their pipe cleaning .

Water blaster for sale in Spain
water blaster for sale
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