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  • High pressure water blasting2023-12-3

    High pressure water blasting machine for surface cleaing always more than 2000 bar to 2,800 bar and can achieve pipe cleaning with lower pressure but with big flow rate like 300L/min .

  • Hydro blasting rig platform2023-12-2

    Hydro blasting for rig platform minimizes waste, does not bring any other activities, removes salt and other residues from surfaces . extend the coating’s lifespan and leaving a clean surface and repainting if necessary.

  • What is waterjetting ?2023-11-24

    Waterjetting is an efficient, competitive, and environm […]

  • What is waterblasting ?2023-11-22

    Waterblasting is a form of high pressure water cleaning […]

  • Water jet cleaning system2023-11-20

    Water jet cleaning system are commonly used when describing water as the tool to do surface preparation and pipe or tank cleaning,mostly in chemcal plant and ship hull . The use of water is a technique for cleaning surfaces, which relies solely on the energy and force of water striking a surface to acheive its cleaning effect. It do not need abrasive to mix the water to clean and cause the pollution .

  • Why water cleaning machine ?2023-11-7

    Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Cleaning Machine  is an efficient, economical and environmentally pure water cleaning technique to meet different cleaning requirement.

  • Water Jetter2023-11-7

    Water Jetter is a high pressure hose used to clean clogged drain lines,it is a modern and extremely effective drain and sewer line cleaning technique .

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