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  • Water jetting equipment

    Water jetting equipment use UHP watejetting for paint rust removal for oil tank and ship hull ,and pipe tube cleaning with pure water

  • Water blasting machine for ships ? Just use high pressure pure water with hydroblasting robot will be the good option

    Ultra high pressure will adopts effective cleaning and paint removal with up to 3,000 bar high-pressure water to remove the paint rust for all of the industry .Like water blasting machine for ships are very popular .

  • Water jet cleaning equipment

    Efficient cleaning by high pressure water jets cleaning solutionIn many areas, the efficient, environmentally friendly and gentle high pressure water jet process is used to clean or remove residues. The blasting technique uses water and high pressure for applications such as de-varnishing, container cleaning

  • Water jetting heat exchanger

    Water jetting heat exchanger can jet heat exchanger thoroughly and efficiently. Deposits and other particles can get lodged in the heat exchanger tubing, reducing the efficiency of heat transfer.

  • High pressure water blaster

    High pressure water blasters from 200bar up to 3000bar , utilising the latest waterblasting technology available for industry cleaning .

  • Airport runway rubber removal ? UHP water technology can meet you requirement

    Airport runway rubber removal machine or vehicle uses water jetting to remove the runway rubber from tires that builds up to increase friction

  • Water jetting machine

    The purpose of a water jetting machine is to move water not containing suspended solids or particulates. Water pumps handle ground water, potable and salt water. High Pressure water jetting machine are widely used in ultra high pressure cleaning applications.

  • Hydroblaster also called hydro blaster machine,it is the good method for rust paint pipe cleaning

    Hydroblaster also called a hydro blaster machine, operates pressure washer equipment for industrial cleaning and construction jobs .The pressures ranging from 1000 bar ,1500 bar, 2000 bar, 2500 bar,2780 bar to 3000 bar . This pressure range meet the various cleaning requirements of most industrial applications.

  • Hydroblasting equipment

    overview Hydroblasting equipment is the method of using […]

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