Heat exchangers high pressure water jetting Heat exchangers high pressure water jetting

Heat exchangers high pressure water jetting

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Indudstral heat exchanger cleaning with high pressure water only : Safe and Efficiency .Heat exchangers high pressure water jetting system can meet both requirement .

Clean surfaces and unhindered material flow are, however, the basis for efficient production processes, which are required for constant production .

All of our technicians and operators are trained to highest standards, and experienced in petrochemical and manufacturing industries.

The ultra high pressure unit was operated using an electronic stop start meaning the operator is in full control of when the machine pressure is activated. This remote also has a remote e-stop as an additionally safety feature.

Recently, one of our customers called upon Watex to clean some residue that had built up in their exchanger.

Heat exchangers high pressure water jetting

High pressure water jetting heat exchangers efficiency

Heat exchangers with ultra high-pressure cleaning process efficiency can be increased . And at the same much energy saved by regular and residue-free cleaning of heat exchangers.

Technical requirements and local conditions can vary greatly. And are to be taken consistently into account there already in the planning of the cleaning:

Very large total surfaces with at times complicated geometric structure. U-shaped pipes or small-bore pipes with only 12 mm diameter .

Wide range of deposits with often very hard cover layers for heat exchangers high pressure water jetting
In some cases, internal and external cleaning is necessary
The cleaning task must be completed as quickly as possible so that production can be restarted immediately

Each cleaning method has its systemic benefits and drawbacks.

Heat exchangers high pressure water jetting for internal and external cleaning as well as for very different surfaces. media and coatings.

In comparison, other cleaning methods have, in part, considerable drawbacks in terms of applicability, cleaning results and cost.

The speed and efficiency was achieved keeping in line with Watex’s philosophy of automation using a single lance tube cleaner. which gives excellent cleaning results due to the consistent speed  and front and back cleaning of the tube.  

Ultrasonic cleaning takes time and is not effective in reaching into indentations.

Heat exchangers high pressure water jetting

Comparing with other cleaning methods

Heat exchangers high pressure water blasting are used not only for chemical and thermal processes – but also for their reverse application, air conditioning units.

Due to the heat exchangers being such a big part of many businesses’ operation, it’s important to keep them clean

Heat exchangers high pressure water jetting is very important for the safety of the operator as not only does it provide excellent back out prevention of the high pressure hose due to the hose being contained in friction blocks, it put less fatigue on the operator having to manually work the hose in and out of each tube.

The single lance cleaner is lightweight and is driven by air that the operator can control the speed how quickly it goes in and out of the tube.

Chemical washing in acid baths is very complicated and requires enormous baths.

Sandblasting is abrasive and involves high material and disposal costs. Mechanical drilling is complicated and only suitable for straight pipes.

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