High pressure cleaning High pressure cleaning

High pressure cleaning

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High pressure cleaning is the method by which a high pressure stream of water is used for old paint, rust, road marking ,rubber, barnacle,asphalt removal or other heavy buildup without causing damage to the surface below it,it can be used the best way for for surface preparation.

This method is perfect for internal washing and external surface cleaning because the cleaning gun operator is able to access those “hard to reach” areas .

Also, because of its high pressure cleaning water , the user can keep a safe distance from the surface being washed.

Protection before high pressure cleaning

Ear protection with ear plugs are highly recommended befor high pressure cleaning. Body protection with gloves, overalls, leather coat, or canvas blast suit is necessary.

If your requirement is high pressure, high water volume and high flow rate output , then your answer is in heavy duty high pressure cleaner.We also called it is high pressure water blasting machine

High pressure cleaning

High pressure cleaning is a technique for cleaning surfaces, which relies entirely on the energy of water striking a surface to achieve its cleaning effect.

Abrasives or sand are not need in hydroblasting systems. Consequently the problems caused by dust pollution and by the disposal of spent abrasives are eliminated.

Two different high pressure jetting operating pressures are commonly encountered.

  • High pressure water blasting, operating at pressures above 1000 bar
  • Ultra high pressure hydro jetting , operating at pressures above 2000 bar

This visual standard has been prepared by the use of ultra high pressure hydro blasting machine.

The standard however is applicable to surfaces produced by a whole range of hydro jetting pressures.

It also provide the equipment used is capable of cleaning to the visual standard depicted.

The steel surfaces produced by high pressure cleaning do not look the same as those produced by dry abrasive blasting, or slurry blasting.

This is because water on its own cannot cut, or deform steel like abrasives. High pressure washing surfaces therefore tend to look dull, even before they “flash rust”.

With active corrosion pitting, shows a mottled appearance after hydroblasting.

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