High pressure washing machine High pressure washing machine

High pressure washing machine

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Ultra high pressure washing machine is an effective equipment for rust and paint removal.

A hydro jetting machine has a water storage tank and hose attachments that will blast water on the surface of the rust or the old paint approximately up to 40000 PSI.

A professional contractor will use specialty rotating nozzles which will vary depending on the type of the paint and rust. Rotative nozzles can redirect the spray of the high-pressure water to remove the rust and paint easy . 

Watex offers a cleaning system for all applications. High pressure pumps can be combined with matching accessories and coordinated to the paint-removal substrate. By the use of high-pressure guns, surface cleaners and additional abrasives.

Water- sand blasting paint removal versus hydro jetting rust removal from ships

With the sand blasting process, an abrasive is added to the high-pressure water, in order to enable efficient paint and rust removal from metallic surfaces.

Dust contamination concerns mean that pure sand blasting is prohibited in many countries, or permissible only under strict conditions with high pressure washing machine.

Vice versa in comparison with pure water jets, a significantly lower pressure is required for a comparable result.

Layer removal and paint removal from painted metal roofs with high pressure washing machine

Painted metal roofs are exposed to diverse influences from the weather: Extending from high temperature cycling and build-ups of heat.

Through the influence of ultraviolet radiation and dirt, to mechanical influences such as hailstorms.

All these influences lead to the weathering of the paint coating over time leading to it becoming fragile and porous. So that the new coating adheres securely, the old paint must be removed completely.

Only then do the paint manufacturers guarantee the stability of their products for up to 20 years.
For years it has implemented coating removal with no residue. Formerly this was implemented with hard work using angle grinders, and was associated with enormous noise and dust contamination.

High pressure washing machine

High pressure water washing machine for painting cubicles cleaning in the automotive industry

In painting cubicles , the automotive industry, so-called overspray arises during the painting process.

Overspray is made up of the paint which does not adhere to the workpiece and leaks out into the environment as a spray.

The air contaminated with these paint droplets is routed via ventilation systems to cleaning units, such as water spray separators.

These exhaust air systems frequently have a large surface area and are covered with grates set in the ground of the painting cubicles.

A large percentage of this overspray collects on these grates, and in the ducts leading from them. These system have to be cleaned frequently and, in case of extensive use, even daily.

High pressure washing machine

Watex plunger pumps and complete high-pressure cleaning systems are used, with which the paint residues are removed reliably. Furthermore, our high-pressure guns offer an ergonomic structuring which enables safe and fatigue-free work.

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