Hydro blaster for sale Hydro blaster for sale

Hydro blaster for sale

Date:2023-11-27 Author:admin

Watex hydro blaster for sale in a competitive price with stable quality . It can achieve many industry cleaning for different industries like some chemical plant and mining factories .

Hydro hydro machine is a equipment for cleaning surfaces, which relies entirely on the energy of water striking a surface to achieve its cleaning effect.

Hydro blaster machine is a widespread water discharge operation with the pressure can reach to 3000 bar for cleaning and 6000 bar for cutting as well.

High pressure hydro blaster , otherwise known as hydrojetting or high pressure water cleaning, is the process of spraying pressurized water onto a surface to remove surface material and contaminants.

The most important reason that Watex purchase all of the parts from famous parts in a large quantities .So the cost can be controlled and we can get a more cheap price from our suppliers .And guarantee that our hydro blaster for sale in a more competitive price .

Aside from being ahighly effective cleaning method within a range of industries, the use of hydro blaster machine is also environmentally friendly thus reducing carbon footprint.

Hydro blaster for sale

Advantages of hydro blaster for sale

  • Water Conservation
  • No Need of Chemicals and Non-Hazardous Materials
  • Lower cost own Watex hydro blaster
  • Lower running cost to help client achive cleaing solution
  • Little maintenance of the high pressure pump and famous brand tube

Application of hydro blaster

  • Paint Removal
  • Ship Hull Cleaning
  • Hydrodemolition
  • Deburring Cleaning
  • Removal of Deposits in tube
  • Descaling like rust
  • Marine Surface Preparation
  • Kiln Cleaning in Cement Plant
  • Pavement over painting Preparation
  • Metal and casting body Surface Preparation
  • Tank Cleaning with rotative cleaning head
  • Hydro blaster for sale in the pipe tube cleaning

Accessories for hydro blaster machine

  • Ultra high pressure Gun
  • Unloader ultra high pressure water valve with by-pass System
  • Straight line Nozzle
  • Fanjetting Nozzle
  • Rotative Nozzle
  • High Pressure line tubes
  • Four Wheel Heavy Trolley Mounted Unit
  • Electric Motor / Diesel Engine
  • UHP Gauge
  • Electric Control Panel with Auto stop System
  • Safety Suit with whole of the coating for the body
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