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Hydro blasting

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Hydro blasting machine ranges between 200 – 3,000 bar. Even the most stubborn dirt will be removed from metal surfaces.

We can also hydro demolishing concrete, remove surfaces such as rubber. Cleaning poxy and plastics from floors, walls, tanks and other structures efficiently .

Professional surface and inside cleaning

Industrial tanks and pipe systems are cleaned with experienced and modern equipment.

We carry out pumping, transfers and temporary storage unit to cooperate the high pressure pump jetting .

Prevention of further damage

Hydro blasting concrete  is a concrete removal technique which utilizes high-pressure water to remove deteriorated . It also can be used for sound concrete as well as asphalt and grout.

This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications.

Hydro blasting is not used as much for demolition cement  as it is for surface restoration and protection projects.

Concrete has deteriorated the rebar has begun to corrode, it is necessary to remove any unsound concrete and reinforcing rebar.

Unlike jackhammers, hydro blasting does not produce vibrations throughout the structure and does not introduce any micro fractures as well .

Hydro blasting scarification

Removal of this type is done in order to provide a good microfracture-free surface for bonding with new, sound concrete. 

Much like applying oil and chips to an asphalt road, this helps extend the useful life of the bridge decking and road surface by delaying the need for complete replacement.

Partial depth removal

Partial depth removal involves the selective removal of deteriorated concrete to a certain depth or of a concrete overlay to a depth exceeding 3/4″.

It is usually done in the case of concrete restoration projects where embedded objects such as rebar are substantial and need to be preserved.

Full depth removal with hydro blasting

Complete removal of a concrete deck is done when it is too deteriorated to keep.

But the structural concrete is adequate or can be easily repaired after the hydrodemolition has taken place.

It can also be a preferred alternative where a bridge deck has been compromised during initial construction but not yet open to traffic.

It allows the preservation of the reinforcement while the deck concrete can be fully replaced to meet the design intent.

Hydro blasting has been used successfully to remove concrete over these beams, where alternate methods such as jackhammers might have caused fracture of the beams.

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