What is Hydro demolition robot ? New method to deal with concrete What is Hydro demolition robot ? New method to deal with concrete

What is Hydro demolition robot ? New method to deal with concrete

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The impact of concrete breakers and jackhammers is not limited to deteriorated concrete. It can damage rebar and produce vibration that generates microfractures in sound concrete. Not to mention the high noise and lots of dust.But hydro demolition can avoid it .

Hydro demolition attack fissures in faulty concrete, preserving sound concrete and leaving it with an excellent texture for new bonding.

They won’t damage rebar, instead removing old concrete and scale, and washing away entrained chlorides. Robotic systems make water jetting even more productive


  • Quick removal rates
  • Hydro demolition will not damage good condition concrete or rebar
  • Low noise and decrease dust levels
  • Leaves a good bonding surface for new concrete to make
  • Does not cause micro-cracks in the remaining structure, which ensures that the repair will be long-lasting with a high quality.
  • Worker health & safety: creates no vibrations, and noise and dust are dramatically reduced.
  • Allows selective and non-selective removal.
  • Keeps the rebars clean and intact
  • Prepares a surface ideal for bonding between old and new concrete.
  • Improved efficiency – more than 20x faster than mechanical jackhammering.

Our range of ultra high pressure water jetting units are ideally suited to hydro demolition applications.

This, coupled with our range of hydrodemolition accessories, ensures we can supply you with the complete package.

Hydro demolition allows the safe, selective removal of concrete using ultra high pressure water. There are myriad reasons for using hydrodemolition equipment including: no damage to rebar, no damage to underlying structure , ability to access confined work spaces, and increased productivity over traditional techniques.

Hydro demolition technology removes concrete using water pressure of up to 3000 bar, for long-lasting, high quality repairs. It creates no micro-cracks and leaves an ideal bonding surface for the fresh concrete.

What is the hydro demolition?

Watex robots use a high-pressure water jet, which travels over the concrete surface at a constant speed, taking advantage of the concrete’s permeability to create an overpressure that breaks it apart.

The automation of the robots allow operators to easily execute both selective and non-selective removals.

Selective removal is the preferred method when only the deteriorated concrete needs to be removed.

Watex hydro demolition uses high-pressure water up to 22,000 psi (1500 bar) to selectively remove concrete at a predetermined quality level.

Non-selective removal is the preferred method when concrete needs to be removed to a predetermined depth, independent of the quality of the concrete.

Watex robot uses high-pressure water above 22,000 psi (1500 bar).

No matter what option you choose, the high-pressure water jet technology will create a rough surface optimal for bonding of new concrete without creating any micro-cracks or damage to the remaining structure.

At the same time, it leaves the rebar intact and cleaned from rust and corrosion.

With Watex robots, you control the end result, always ensuring you meet the customer’s specifications.

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