Why hydro jetting ? Why hydro jetting ?

Why hydro jetting ?

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Hydro jetting commonly known as ultra high pressure water to remove the old paint and rust sewer line and drain cleaning and also for tree roots with water jetting .

In water blasting a highly pressured stream of water is used to remove old paint, chemicals. or buildup without damaging the original surface.

This method is ideal for cleaning internal and external surfaces because the operator is generally able to send the stream of water into places that are difficult to reach using other methods. Now lots of cleaning companies use water jetting for tree roots cut and cleaning.

Another benefit of hydro blasting is the ability to reducing waste and alleviate environmental impact.

Hydro blasting stripping or cleaning. or water blast cleaning, is a common used method for the removal of material, coating, or contamination from the surface of a steel plate, pipe and hydro jetting for roots.

Robot arm has experience with all methods of hydro blasting methods and specializes in ultra high pressure blasting.

Watex operates high pressure hydro jetting and Ultra high pressure blasting uses water that is pressurized between 100bar-2800Bar to remove coatings and debris from substrates.

Two methods of hydro blast

The hydro jetting method removes these paints with one of two different categories: erosion or de-lamination.

Erosion is commonly applied mostly on the high performance coatings namely. Metal and carbide thermal spray coatings and a special nozzle is operating to convert the water stream into smaller pressurized stream. which affect the surface of the coating and thus small pieces of the coating to erode off the surface, leaving the substrate intact like hydro jetting for roots.

Hydro jetting machine accessories :

  • Pump to pressurize the water.
  • Nozzle to deliver the correct stream of water .
  • Enclosure to contain process.
  • Nozzle and part manipulators.
  • Waste handling equipment.
  • Process control devices.

Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to get rid of clogs and flush away debris. clearing your plumbing and drain cleaning. Water blasting pump with a high pressure hose with a special nozzle is fed into your sewer pipe to eradicate blockage. First the water is pumped from small boost pump.Then pumped into the UHP water jetting system through the hose and nozzle up to achieve the cleaning . Whether the blockage caused by grease. hydro jetting for roots, sludge, hydro jet machine scours the entire inside of the pipe and leaves it looks like new.

Some advantages of hydro blasting system

It is the safe cleaning method for pipe

A number of questions were “ hydro jetting safe for pipes?” And our answer is yes. When an experienced plumbing company start hydro jetting drain cleaning or sewer line. they will use diagnostic tools to determine the reason for the plumbing issue before supply water jetting services. It is the reality that hydro jetting machine is actually better for pipes than snaking or chemical cleaning in most instances.

It is environmental and friendly

While it’s easy to go to the tool shops to get some chemical medicament to alleviate plumbing problems. this solution introduces harmful chemical or silica sand into the plumbing system. While hydro jetting only use water, there is no care about contamination while you clean running pipes.

The Treatment Is tailored according to cleaning requirement

As you know ,plumbing is rarely comes with one nozzle for all of the cleaning. Hydro jetting machine for drain cleaning or sewer line allows for the engine to adjust the pressure of the water blasting. This power can range from 5,000 psi to 40,000 psi. Even the orifices for the cleaning head where the water sprays out can be designed to provide direct or indirect sprays or front or rear spray. Sometimes the cleaning head are designed with rotate type .

Wear protective suit possible to keep you safe even it is the safe jetting methods

While it’s safe for pipes cleaning. You definitely don’t want to stand on the other end of the jet once it starts going. That’s because the hydro jetting machine uses high pressure water to force the water out. So that make it so great at clearing clogs. So for the safe reason ,it is preferable to wear protective suit so they will not be inadvertently hurt while cleaning.

Why considering hydro jetting for drain cleaning and sewer line

This cleaning method is more effective than using a cable or snake. Because it doesn’t just only washing the scale of the pipe. It can restore all of the plumbing like new condition. There are lots of deposit buildup the bottom of the pipe or sewer line. Hydro jetting equipment is the main body ,but we also do not eliminate the cleaning head . For most instance , sewer line or drain cleaning with hydro blasting is the best cleaning solution .

Secondly , it is safe and effectively remove buildup for clogged artery and it’s branch. This process will get rid of everything build up (including tree roots). And restores your drain line like the new one .

Features of hydro jetting drain cleaning and sewer line

When your pipes are cleaned by hydro blasting they’re actually being cleaned by a high powered pressure washer. The pipes are essentially being scoured by hydro blast . This will eliminate the clog for long time and it is ideal for many different types and sizes of pipes.

Hydro jetting sewer cleaning is the economical choice when it comes to drain cleaning. These high pressure water jetting machine break up and completely remove the hard deposit. Rather than just clearing a path line through the pipe. This makes long lasting cleaning for pipes.

The bad disgusting smell that will be coming from your drain are caused by the buildup of bacteria after long time. Not only it can case bad smell, but it can bring health problems. Hydro jetting will blast the bacteria and disgusting smell away. Getting the healthy plumbing system for the environment.

Tree roots are the main reason cause of blockages in drainage and sewer line . Hydro jetting is an effective way to get rid of tree root insider of the drain.

In the summer after the big raining , tree roots will reel one by one and lay their way into sewage . In most case, roots will expand and force their way in and around drain joint connections.

Extra benefit of hydro jetting drain cleaning and sewer line

Hydro jetting not only remove tree roots, but remove waste build up. Then it will improve your sewer’s flow pass in a quick way . This includes biological waste build up like leaf and paper waste. Hydro jetting also remove grease and other mixing substances build up which often accumulates on the inside of pipe .

On the other hand, it also removes mineral build up such as water scale. Please note that the drain or sewer line may need some repair after finishing the hydro jetting for roots. If the sewer line is made by cement or plastic , we suggest change in a regular frequency .

In general ,high pressure water jetting machine can cut most roots with the special tool and solve blockages. And get rid of grease and mineral scale and eliminate the bacteria build up the wall of the sewer or drainage . This highly effective and versatile method for cleaning drain pipes without no damage.

Hydro jetting equipment for sale and what is the cost ?

Before hydro jetting , we will consider buy one set within our budget. Or let other cleaning company supply us the cleaning service. While ,the cost of the machine is always important when you make a decision to purchase one set . Normal household type like 4000-5000 psi will use flow rate 175-200L/min. The price about 18000-30000 USD dollar driven by diesel type . If you need the big flow rate like 300L/min with 300 bar the price will take over 50000 USD dollars . This is called the industry or municipal project . While ,we just show the reference price the final price subject to the final accessories. And whole of the hydro jetting equipment .

What is the cost of the hydro jetting service ?

Maybe you will think hydro jetting is very cheap. There are several factors that go into the total cost of hydro jetting. Like the horse power and oil consumption and the labor cost as well . While ,it’s important to note that the price also can change because there are so many factors involved.

Hydro jetting, also known as hydro blasting, water blasting, high pressure cleaning. It can clear the toughest clogs in drains or plumbing. High pressure water stream blasts clogs and remove scale buildup. While it may be the solution for all plumbing or surface preparation issues. Such as a tree root growing through a pipe and rust or paint removal .It can be an excellent option in many cases.

Factors in detail affect the cost of hydro jetting machine for drain or sewer line cleaning

Severity of the build-up scale

How severe your pipe line is blocked plays a huge role in the cost of the hydro jetting . Time is the critical factor . The longer it need to clean out the line, the more you’ll be charged. The less time it takes, the less money will pay.

If your drain or sewer line are seriously clogged, think about putting hydro jetting team on a preventative maintenance regularly. This will ensure that future cleaning will take less time

The way access to the clog

How accessible are your pipes. Before you hydro jetting should know where is the best access to start the cleaning then can check the job done efficiently. The more difficult it is to access the drain pipes, the more it will affect your cost.

Doe you think water jetting is win it’s price for cleaning the pipe or surface ?

Hydro jetting service not cheap . But it’s the most beneficial solution for plumbing cleaning or sewer line cleaning till now. It is certainly worth you considering about high pressure water jetting .

If you were in charge of commercial or municipal cleaning such as restaurants. apartment. Shopping malls, school that have severe clogged .In that case ,it is definitely get a professional company to solve out the sewer drain system with a regular preventative maintenance.

Eradicate buildup, minimize clogs, and extend the life of your plumbing; Hydro jetting become one parts of a regular maintenance .

Definition of hydro blasting for different pressure

Hydro jetting method has a number of advantages over competing conventional processes used to remove coatings.

Usually the coatings removed with ultra high pressure blasting were applied either by the use of chemicals . Or other conventional mechanical means such as grit blasting , mechanical tooling, hammering, scraping or machining.

Definitions and suitable water pressures range with hydro jetting :

  • Definition                 Pressure (Bar)
  • Low pressure water cleaning     < 100
  • High pressure water cleaning   100 – 1000
  • High pressure hydro blasting   1000 – 2000
  • Ultra high pressure water blasting > 2000
  • Relation water pressure, effect of cleaning and production rates.
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