Hydrodemolition machine for concrete removal from the unsound cement Hydrodemolition machine for concrete removal from the unsound cement

Hydrodemolition machine for concrete removal from the unsound cement

Date:2023-11-30 Author:admin

Hydrodemolition machine is a concrete removal technique which utilizes high pressure water to remove deteriorated cement and sound concrete .

This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications. This technology has become widely accepted for concrete removal and surface preparation throughout the world.

hydrodemolition machine is not used as much for demolition as it is for surface restoration and protection projects.

When concrete has deteriorated or the reinforcing steel has begun to corrode, it is necessary to remove any unsound concrete and reinforcing bars replace it with new concrete and maintain the integrity of the structure.

This process has also been used to remove sound concrete that is not compromised .

This may be done to install a preventive cathodic protection system, or to remove concrete in structures .

Watex offers a wide range hydro demolition machine , positive displacement plunger pumps and water jetting equipment for heavy industry cleaning  pressures to 2780 bar.

Many advantages of hydrodemolition machine

Hydrodemolition machine is not like jackhammers,does not produce any vibrations throughout a structure and therefore does not introduce micro fractures.

Full range of accessories, options of diesel engine trailer mounted to suit any specific requirements of high pressure pumps.

Hydro demolition machine is mainly used in the petro-chemical, offshore and contracting industries and some in high sewer cleaning as well .

Trailer mounted units are available with sound reduction enclosures, driven by a choice of diesel engines or motors for use in safe or hazardous areas.

All fabrications are grit blasted and high quality powder coated for a durable finish.

For offshore applications fully certified and containers are available with paint finishes to customer specification.
Hydrodemolition machine is robust, simple to operate & maintain & designed for longevity. Simple control panels are used throughout the product range avoiding the need for plc systems, ensuring reliability & easy trouble shooting.
High capacity water filters and stainless steel suction line fittings are used as standard boost pumps fitted for higher pressure applications.

Shutdown switches are fitted where necessary to monitor various pump and prime mover functions.

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