Hydrodemolition for cement removal Hydrodemolition for cement removal

Hydrodemolition for cement removal

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Hydrodemolition is a concrete removal technique utilizing high pressure water to remove deteriorated and old concrete. This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new concrete.

Hydrodemolition does not produce vibrations along the reinforcing steel and therefore.

 This will increase the life expectancy of the refurbishment, up to 50% better bonding on rough surfaces and cost less in the future for construction.

We are utilizing our technology to complete hydrodemolition work with automated robotics.

 This increases safety for our workers in the field and production rate. 

Automation gives the operator the ability to set parameters according the thickness of the concrete and what is the hardness of the concrete

Hydrodemolition for cement removal

Solutions of hydrodemolition

Watex can provide a variety of solutions for hydro-demolition from fully automated remotely controlled robotic solutions with full vacuum recovery of waste to cleaning and scabbling of concrete surfaces prior on new pours.

This type of technique provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material to adhere to.

Application of hydrodemolition for concrete :
Removal of concrete for repair
Excavation of steel for structural modification
Cleaning and scabbling concrete for new pours
Surfacing of concrete on bridges
Structural modifications to critical support structures
Vibration free

Hydrodemolition for cement removal

Hydro-demolition does not induce any vibration into the structure . So does not induce cracking of the concrete or separation of enforcement steel from the substrate.

Hydrodemolition is a concrete removal technique which harnesses the power of ultra-high pressure water to cut and remove concrete. 

Watex specialise on “taking the man away from the job”

We have a selection of semi-automatic, hydraulically driven equipment which can be remotely operated.

There is always a need for some “hand gunning” works but we try to keep this top a minimum in favour of our remotely operated options.

The principal benefits of hydro demolition

  • No risk to the operator of hand arm vibration syndrome permitting operators to work safely
  • The water jetting process leaves steel reinforcement and/or structural embedments undamaged and ready for re-use.
  • There is no percussion therefore no risk of damage to other parts of the structure due to vibration
  • The “broken edge” left by water jetting has sufficient “key” properties to permit adherence of recast concrete without the need for additional surface preparation.

Hydrodemolition is widely used in the alteration or repair of structures in many industry sectors.

It is recognised by many civil engineers, structural engineers and consultants as the safest, most effective, vibration-free method of removing concrete.

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