Hydrojet machine Hydrojet machine

Hydrojet machine

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Hydrojet machine is used to clean or remove residues . This system uses water and high pressure for applications such as de-varnishing, container cleaning or concrete refurbishment.

Hydro jet machine, commonly known as hydro jetting, it is very successful because of its powerful blasting effect. In most cases, because of its efficiency, hydro jetting system will require only one operator for a given application.

Hydrojet machine

Each application is unique, though, and we can help you determine which combination of pressure and flow will work best for you cleaning requirement .

Hydrojet machine is the method, by which a UHP pump is used to remove old paint, rust, rubber, chemicals . And other heavy build up without causing damage to the surface below it.

Due to its strong water spray, the user can keep a safe distance from the surface being cleaned. One of the major differences between UHP water jet cleaning .And other abrasives cleaning is the ability to contain, capture, filter and reuse the water. This eliminates waste water and contaminants after the cleaning.

Two Important factors effect Hydrojet machine

There are two factors effect the cleaning effect .One if pressure anther is flow rate play key roles in  efficient high pressure water blasting , and applications respond differently to each variable.

Typically, hardened deposits respond better to a more higher pressure with little lower flow rate and softer materials are best removed with higher flows but lower pressure .

Extremely Hydro blasting machine is used for hard material cutting. If your requirement is high volume output machine, then what you need is heavy duty Water pump .

Due to the removal and cleaning power . These hydrojet machine for themselves after a very short period of time.

High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machine is ideal for specialized service providers, construction companies, renovators and for industry.

High pressure Hydro jet machine consists of bare pump . Electric motor and starter, pressure regulating valve, safety valve and pressure gauge.

Accessories include high pressure hose, delivery hose, foot valve, nozzles, rigid lance and flexible lance.

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