Hydro blasting robot Hydro blasting robot

Hydro blasting robot

hydro blasting robot use high pressure water jetting system with high pressure pump system in the pressure more than 3000 bar for paint and rust removal for the ship hull and giant boat and oil tank or gas vessel that not easy to reach

Hydroblasting robot is designed to effectively remove dirt, sea growth, old paint and coatings on various steel surfaces like storage tanks, ship hulls and other large steel structures.

Besides closed magnet cleaning model can be equipped with the rotative jetting heads with high pressure water. This can guarantee the continuous working from one job to another in just a few minutes

Magnetic crawler robot combining with hydro blasting for steel surface preparation for the ship hull can improve the cleaning efficiency for the giant ship in a quick speed .

Watex is the innovative company for magnetic robot crawlers with applications such as (water jetting, UHP blasting). Hydro blasting robot adhere to steel by a magnetic drive assembly and can move independently in all directions: up, down, sideways, and even overhead. This enables you to perform a variety of cleaning jobs through the control panel in the hand.

Watex have reinvented the way of heavy-duty work on steel surfaces at impossible places.

Our robots are designed to effectively remove dirt, sea growth, old paint and coatings on various steel surfaces like storage tanks, ship hulls and other large steel structures.

Besides closed magnet cleaning model can be equipped with the rotative jetting heads with high pressure water. This can guarantee the continuous working from one job to another in just a few minutes.

W-robot hydro blasting robot is used by many companies for high pressure activities as surface preparation, industrial cleaning, subsea cleaning and ship wall paint removal in the safe method.

Applications of magnet hydro blasting robot

  • Ship paint and rust removal
  • Oil storage tank internal and external cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Painting

Hydro blasting robot is installed in front of the 4-wheel carrier and is used for “closed” hydroblasting. The blast can is connected to a vacuum unit, so that both water and debris is collected without any leakage. This makes the blasting robot can especially useful for industrial cleaning and surface preparation jobs, when there is an absolute need to leave a clean and dry surface. For example the cleaning of (oil) storage tanks or the removal of old paint from ship hulls.

W-Robotic magnetic crawler robot hydroblasting. Watex robots are magnetic crawlers, electrically driven, suitable for multi-purpose applications. The crawlers are designed to be used on flat and slightly curved steel surfaces. Depending on the application, the carrier can easily be fitted with a full range of cleaning tools. All water jetting tools work with high pressure jets up to 2800 bar.

After blasting the surface is completely dry and therefore ready to paint or coat instantly.

Shipping company is working with mini magnetic robots for anti-fouling hull grooming that could help reduce maritime emissions.

Watex high performance robotic crawler for paint removal for ship or tank is known for its low production cost, standard safety features and environment friendly operating mode. Remote controller of this magnetic product has made it user friendly. Wireless controlling technology of this magnetic crawler for ship paint removal eliminates the necessity of  operator near its nozzle.

Advantages of hydroblasting robot

  • Cleans horizontal, vertical surfaces and overhead
  • Reduced manpower requirements
  • Environment friendly and no cleanup costs
  • Eliminates access requirements (scaffolding,cranes, platforms, etc.)
  • Safe, clean and efficient
  • Full service package with
  • 24/7 technical support
Hydro blasting robot

Hydro blasting robot eliminates the requirement of scaffolding. This crawler is capable of accessing overhead, horizontal and vertical surfaces without any trouble. Ergonomic appearance, long working life, high strength and accurate dimension are its main features.

High pressure cleaning robot for giant ship industry

Our team of engineers in cooperation with global integration partners, are constantly working to defy the challenges in the maritime, offshore and petrochemical industries by developing new, innovative robotic solutions and applications.

Ship wall cleaning like paint removal is important in the marine engineering equipment maintenance industry. Designing permanent magnetic adsorption units is one of the most important ways to implement efficient, environmentally friendly, high-quality ship cleaning work. Hydro blasting robot will be a good option .

  • 45-50 m2 /per hour (up to the flow rate and pressure of the jetting system)
  • 10 x faster than manual work
  • Horizontal, and vertical surfaces
  • Multi-purpose solution
  • Interchangeable applications
  • 320/250mm cleaning width
  • Remote controlled
  • Versions: electric, Pneumatic, ETEX Zone II
  • Fits through 24″ manhole

Hydroblasting robot widely used for the rust and paint removal operations on the arc surface of the ship side, the vertical large plane and the bottom of the ship.

The maritime industry has been one of main markets from the inception of Watex magnet robot .

The large steel surfaces always impacted by corrosion, require frequent cleaning and re-painting to preserve the corrosion and the anti-fouling properties of its underwater ship.

We serve the industry with magnet robot for both works in hull as well as afloat. We have further recently expanded our portfolio for the marine industry with a crawler specifically designed for cargo hold cleaning purposes.

To be able to be one of the market leader in robotic cleaning surface, we got our customer’s feedback and stay up to meet industry demands. Sustainability and preservation of the environment are one of them. This is why UHP solution is becoming more popular as washing solutions can keep the cleaning debris stocked in the tank and will not break the environmental .

Ship hull cleaning and paint rust removal by hydro blasting (water jetting) through the magnet robot

Ship hull cleaning and blasting assists with the removal of unwanted roughness and marine fouling from a ship’s wall (the buildup of organisms attached themselves to the hull such as mussels, barnacles and tubeworms). Hydro blasting robot with high pressure water jetting system can meet their requirement .

The buildup organism increased drag negatively impacts the relationship between fuel consumption, speed and power and therefore, ship hull cleaning is important because:

  • Cleaning the hull surface reduces fuel consumption,
  • Anti-fouling removal costs are minimized,
  • Engine overheating is prevented
  • Biofouling and the presence of invasive species is reduced
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