Road marking removal machine Road marking removal machine

Road marking removal machine

UHP Water Blasting as a road marking removal technique. It is now the preferred road marking removal technique
UHP Water Blasting quickly removes markings faster and more thoroughly than abrasive methods – without damaging the pavement or asphalt. UHP Water blasting is fast and productive, and avoids exposing the environment to chemicals or contaminants. It also simplifies clean up, is dustless and leaves a clean surface.ean surface.
UHP Water Blasting uses water pressurised by an extremely powerful motor/pump to clean and remove markings from the pavement surface. These powerful motors can deliver pressure at the cleaning head of up to 40,000psi (2,700 bar).

The sheer force of the water delivered literally knocks the markings off the pavement. A vacuum recovery system removes all waste materials and surplus water leaving the road surface semi-dry.
Our UHP Water Blasting unit is mounted on a 26tonne truck and uses approx. 22 litres of water per minute (<5 gallons).

In the hands of our skilled and experienced operators, this process is capable of removing all kinds of road marking products without damaging the road surface. Our equipment is fitted with full dual controls thereby ensuring that all works are carried out in the same direction as the traffic flow.
The cleanliness of our UHP Water Blasting Removal System makes it a positive contributor to a healthier environment.


Road marking removal machine using high pressure water jetting road sign or airfied rubber.Present removal work for road markings has been time-consuming and labor intensive because it has been performed manually using shaving type equipment.

The traditional process causes traffic delay due to the passing control, resulting in unexpected accidents to workers working at dangerous road circumstance. Besides, the current shaving method leads to air pollution as well as explosive accidents caused by propane gas.

Thus, we have studied to develop the automatic removing equipment which consists of a high pressure water-jet system, automatic control system and mobile system: the water-jet system consists of an intensifier and nozzles to give a high pressure and spray on the marking;

The automatic control system is composed of one axis robot using a hydraulic servo actuator controlled by a lever; and the mobile system employs a truck which plays an important role for transport of equipment and forward movement in a removal process.

Road marking removal machine

Traditional methods of road marking removal

Traditionally, road markings were removed through the process of burning. This is not only time-consuming, but dangerous through the release of smoke and fumes.

This method involves an industrial tool that exerts high temperatures to burn off the existing markings. Due to this hazardous process, there has been a need for an alternative method of road marking removal.

In this paper, we have analyzed the characteristics of road markings and investigated current removing methods in this field. In addition, we have organized and designed automatic removing equipment.

Road markings are laid onto roads with the intention of being permanent, and so the removal of them can be tricky. Old road markings have become a standard feature on roads, sometimes causing confusion to drivers.

Because of this, it is extremely important to have a method that effectively removes road markings, whilst doing so in a safe way to workers.

Water jetting road marking removal

Using water jets, the removal of road markings can be quick, easy, and efficient. Whether the road markings are red, white, yellow, or more, using a top of the range electronically controlled machine can remove the markings through propelling itself backwards and forwards.

This process does not involve any harsh chemicals or abrasives.Water jets can be used for the removal of road markings on a variety of surfaces, such as standard roads, airport runways and markings on school grounds.

Highway markings road marking removal machine introduced water blasting as a road marking removal equipment. It is now the preferred road marking removal technique by authorities .

Water blasting quickly removes markings faster and more thoroughly than abrasive methods – without damaging the pavement or asphalt. Water blasting is fast and productive, and avoids exposing the environment to chemicals or contaminants. It also simplifies clean up, is dustless and leaves a clean surface.

Water blasting uses high pressure by an extremely powerful motor/pump to clean and remove markings from the pavement surface. These powerful motors can deliver pressure at the cleaning head of up to 40,000psi (2,758bar).

Road marking removal machine
runway removal

Advantages of using hydro blasting for road marking removal

  • No chemicals, additives or abrasive materials are used
  • No fumes, smoke or dust is generated
  • Noise levels are considerably lower than alternative road marking removal techniques
  • Suitable for use on all types of road surfacing materials
  • Operates with traffic flow
  • No personnel required to work on the carriageway
  • Self contained unit complete with debris vacuum recovery
  • Minimal surface impact
Road marking removal machine

Fault self diagnostic technology for road marking removal machine

  • Continually monitors more than 20 aspects of the system during operation. Faults are displayed on the monitor. Review of the detected faults can reduce troubleshooting time by 70%.Coordinated Section Operation
  • The boom can be rapidly and accurately repositioned by coordinating the movement the first and second sections
Road marking removal machine

Max safety technology for the road marking removal machine

  • Pump Overload Protection Technology

Relief valves are mounted on the boom cylinder counterbalance valves. These valves will release pressure in the event of excessive boom load to prevent damage to the boom.

  • Hopper Screen Interlock Technology

As an operator protection measure, the pump will automatically stop when the hopper screen is opened.

  • Hydraulic Oil Level Monitoring

The oil level in the hydraulic reservoir is continually monitored. If the level drops below a preset level, an alarm will sound and the pump will be stopped to prevent damage to the hydraulic system.

Road marking removal machine

Control panel for the road sign rubber removal machine

  • USA made control system ensure the high stability of the flow rate and continuous water jetting and guarantee high volumetric efficiencies at high pressures in a quick speed as well .
  • It features for waterproof and dustproof ,the protection level reached to IP 65. Combining pump anti vibration technology ,the pump anti vibration technology reduces vibration during pumping by 50% allowing less movement and greater control of the end hose
Road marking removal machine

Stainless steel water tank in 4mm thickness for road marking removal machine

If the water tank made by plastic or normal steel will break and rust easy and break the pump easy and increase the rating of the blockage

  • 250 gallon water tank.
  • Triple 200 gpm filters – the first in its class..
  • Water tank with no pressure filter system by Watex design.
  • Equipped with low water shutdown system and high temperature stop system.
  • Italy mechanical floating valve can eliminate the water hammer effectively
  • Allows for water to de-aerate before entering the pump, extending the life of the parts.
  • Low water level switch to prevent cavitation from water supply problems
Road marking removal machine

Diesel engine purchased from famous brands

Diesel engineer as the same important parts like high pressure unit ,so we purchased all of our diesel engine purchased from Cummins or Weicai .

It’s special HRCR system can save the cost ,it has less spare parts with low maintenance ,it has all of the afterservice all of the world. Before you purchse the machne you also can tell us the brand of the diesel engineer you need ,then we can supply OEM service as well .

  • Cummins engine oil ,every 1000 hours to update
  • Service network all of the world
  • Max rotating speed 1900 rpm
  • Advanced fuel injection technology ,heat efficiency 9.8MJ/KWH
Road marking removal machine

High performance filter system for road line removal machine

  • Three stage filters
  • 1μ standard
  • 304 stainless steel casting cover bear high pressure
  • Whole of the cover made by casting
Road marking removal machine

Smart fluid end conversion for road marking removal machine

  • Whole of the fluid end made in USA
  • Pump head conversion can change from lower pressure to it’s max pressure within 2 mins
  • lower spare parts decrease the running cost
  • Long lifespan of the HP kits
Road marking removal machine

Max strongest chassis for road marking signs cleaning machine gurantee long lifespan

  • Dural independent frame system ,diesel and pump mounted on a separate plate
  • Design specially for surface treatment ,easy to transport and hoist
  • The plate has tool box can keep some tools and accessories easy and safe
  • Galvanized processing to meet the long term anticorrosion requirement
Road marking removal machine


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