Robot waterjet cutting machine Robot waterjet cutting machine
robot waterjet cutting

Robot waterjet cutting machine

Watex delivers fully integrated robotic waterjet automation solutions that utilize the most advanced robots arm and robotic systems available to combine waterjet to achieve cutting .

These advanced robotic waterjet machine offer the best technologies to customers with a variety of applications. Some industries that are currently employing Watex robotic automation technology include automotive, aerospace, electronics, textiles and more

Safe guard system for robot waterjet cutting machine

During the robot waterjet cutting machine move and cutting in a high speed with high pressure ,the UHP waterjet is unconquerable .

All of Watex robot cutting waterjet has the perfect safety guard system and UHP process protection system .

The invasion of human or material will force the system stop instantly to assure the safety of the human and system together.

Robot waterjet cutting machine

Pure water jet cutting head for robot waterjet

Watex pure robot waterjet cutting machine head weights only 3.87LBS guarantees high flexibility and make multi head and 3-D application easy .

It can be quipped with both sapphire and diamond orifices. Diamonds provide hundreds of hours of high quality ,consistent cutting with low average cost per hour .

While sapphires typically have shorter lives, lower purchase price, but higher average cost per hour.

Robot waterjet cutting machine

Loading and groping system for the robot water jet

Normally this system is vertical double positions with open structure with Vacuum absorption system to get the cutting debris away and water go to special design water tank.

Robot waterjet cutting machine

Vaccum absorption garbage cleaning system for robot waterjet cutting

It use SIEMENS motor with Italy pump to get he strong suction to fix the position of the car interior during the cutting and get debris and water from the loading and groping system.

Compact in transport height and weight, the drilling rig is easy to transport in cities.

The tailored chassis with larger spaces for pumps and valves is for easy maintenance during work.

Spacious cab with panorama sunroof is designed to give the operator a comfortable environment .

Robot waterjet cutting machine

Control system for robot waterjet cutting machine

After you get the drawing from Solidwork ,then you can use the USB copy this document into this system

You can use panel simulation firstly after you feel it is in the right position then change the machine into the auto model then cut what you just simulating .

Robot waterjet cutting machine

Robotic arm for waterjet machine

Fanuc Robot Waterjet Cutting M serious , Type : Articulated typ. Control axis : 6 axis (J1, J2 ,J3, J4, J5, J6) Installation: Floor ,upside-down (wall & angle mount) ; 

Reach robot waterjet cutting machine :3.11m ; Max load capacity at wrist  Maximum 20kg ;  Max load capacity at J3 casing :24kg ; Drive method : Electric servo drive by AC servo motor ; Repeatability ±0.15mm

Robot waterjet cutting machine
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