Waterjet cutting Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting machine has all the basic features you need for high precision 2D cutting, for both 4000 or 6000 bartechnology.The Edge 20 machine has a single Z-movement where multiple cutting heads or a second Z axis cutting heads can be applied on a beam. There are a number of operational functions and tools available as standard options.

waterjet cutting machine is widely used for cutting marble granite stone glass plastic composite materials plastic foam


Waterjet cutting machine has all the basic features you need for high precision 2D cutting, for both 4000 or 6000 bar. The Edge 20 machine has a single Z-movement where multiple cutting heads or a second Z axis cutting heads  can be applied on a beam. There are a number of operational functions and tools available as standard options.

After almost twenty years of industry experience creating the best quality waterjets on the market. Watex is excited to announce the value-engineered Edge 20 Series waterjet cutting machine.

When compared to other low-cost waterjets, the Emerald stands alone. The Edge 20 offers many of the same features of large, expensive waterjets at a reduced price. The durability and dependability of a Watex machine is unparalleled .The Edge 20 can improve the quality of waterjet cutting completed in your shop for many years.

Max strongest beam with qualified workmanship for waterjet cutting machine

Excellent water cutting machine table  accessibility on a machine built for the Rigors of Waterjet cutting With robust mechanical design. integrated machine systems, intuitive user control, multiple table sizes, and several configurations available.

Edge 20 Series sets you up for success. With  Edge 20 you won’t sacrifice performance, structural integrity, or the overall quality of your system. Watex also use laser calibration to check the high precision according to the international standard  and  high market requirement . 

Waterjet cutting

Main beam of the waterjet cutting machine made by casting way

Watex water cutting machine can have a traditional construction with two arms on the cutting table . equipped with one arm with counterweight . Both solutions are very stable and guarantee precision .

However ,cantilever constructions has more supporters among our clients. Because it is more practical when loading materials ,it allows access to the cutting table from three sides.

Waterjet cutting

Genuine finite element analysis for water cutting machine inside and outside

Watex’s  Edge 20  waterjet models  can provide unparalleled value. The core components – including the exclusive Hyper abrasive cutting system, Dynamic Waterjet Taper Control Technology, the latest high pressure pump Edgestream  series .

Designed using American Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and thermally stress-relieved steel the Edge 20 handles high production needs with ease.with a high speed, high precision German-made motion system, the Edge 20 provides high quality parts — fast.

Your motion system is imperative to creating a high quality part. The Edge 15 protects the entire drive system. Full wrap around bellows special features ensure long component life, and highly accurate cut parts.

Special Features

•      Unique auto lubrication system
  •      3-sided easy access to your workpiece
  •      Large diameter ball screw drive system
  •      Rigid construction for structural integrity
  •      Roll-around control for waterjet cutting machine
  •      Multiple pump configurations
  •      Heavy duty material support
  •      Solid steel casting construction
  •      World class Hypiont service available 24/7 365 days per year

Waterjet cutting

Linear motors of water cutting machine from Japanese Yaskawa

Watex water jet cutter are driven by Yaskawa /Panasonic  linear servomotors which are used to improve the reliability, speed, and accuracy of the performance. 

They can reach speeds as high as 5 m (196 inches per second) and reach an astonishing 206 s of maximum acceleration.

The linear servomotors are extremely energy efficient, and the effects of the motor’s heat being transferred to the other areas of your machine are minimized.

The main advantage of using waterjet cutting machine is to have zero backlash with no mechanical engagement and zero friction from the energy transaction.

Waterjet cutting

Laser calibration tools maximize the high cutting precision for water jet cutting machine

The X and Y axis and Z axis use the laser calibration to check the precision in it’s best situation guarantee .

Separate Stainless Steel Waterjet Tank:The improved heavy-duty tank design distributes weight evenly across the tank. The newly designed slats have a 4x longer lifetime, allow better gripping of material.

Reduce the risk of parts falling to the tank bottom. The durable, abrasive-resistant front rollers enable bearings to last longer and assist with loading and unloading of material onto the machine.

Waterjet cutting

Safety and practicality of the separated cutting table of the CNC water jet cutter machine

A working table separated from the machine ensures safety, precision and comfort of production. There is no fear that a forklift with which the cutting material is loaded can damage the waterjet.

Thanks to this, you will not be afraid to load heavy materials on the table. The mechatronics of your waterjet cutting machine is always safe.

Thanks to a separate table, you can make lucrative orders to cut thick materials that your competitors are afraid of and earn more money.

Waterjet cutting

Maximum cutting speed of the valuation with the CNC waterjet cutting machine

Our easy-to-use software allows you to make quick estimates of planned production.  You save a lot of time or you will be able to make faster pricing than your competitors.

This means that within tens of seconds you will be able to present the pricing of the cutting service to your client or assess the costs of the planned production.

Waterjet cutting

Economical and efficient high pressure waterjet pumps without compromise

Economical, efficient, reliable and easy to service pumps with power from 34 to 100 horsepower and maximum pressure from 3000 to 6200 bar.Enable economical processing of any details up to 30 cm in thickness.

waterjet cutting machine is adapted to work 24 hours a day. so you can increase your production capacity and earn more at any time.

Continually monitors more than 200 aspects of the system during operation. Faults are displayed on the monitor. Review of the detected faults can reduce troubleshooting time by 70%

Waterjet cutting

Max safety technology of water cutting machine protects the operator

  • Boom Overload Protection Technology

Relief valves are mounted on the boom cylinder counterbalance valves. These valves will release pressure in the event of excessive boom load to prevent damage to the boom.

  • Hopper Screen Interlock Technology

As an operator protection measure, the pump will automatically stop when the hopper screen is opened.

  • Hydraulic Oil Level Monitoring for waterjet cutting machine
  • The oil level in the hydraulic reservoir is continually monitored. If the level drops below a preset level. an alarm will sound and the pump will be stopped to prevent damage to the hydraulic system.
Waterjet cutting

Versatile 5 Axis (3D) waterjet cutter head for any material cutting

In the standard equipment of each Watex waterjet, there is the option of 3D cutting head. Thanks to this, your waterjet cutting machine can cut angles without problems.

This option is important if you want to cut tiles ,irregular parts which are always very profitable for companies with waterjet.

Waterjet cutting

Some famous brands of the component parts for waterjet cutting machine

The heart of the waterjet cutting machine are its components. and in this field we have something to be proud of. High precision ball screws, linear guides, servo drives.

Control panel,as well as electrical components come from top manufacturers. This is a guarantee of high precision of cut parts and reliability of the machine for many years.

Waterjet cutting
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