high pressure cleaning machine
  • Watex will show how quality changes the world power at China CME 20212023-12-2

    China CME 2021 will be held at the Shanghai, China. The leading High Pressure Cleaning Machine manufacturer,  Watex will bring 5 units of hot sale machines to the exhibition, including industry water washing machine, waterjet cutting machine, UHP water jetting road marking machine, airfield runway rubber removal machine, robot waterjet.

  • High pressure water cleaning machine2023-12-1

    High pressure water cleaning machine is a process that uses ultra high pressure water to clear the material on the surface .

  • High pressure washing machine2023-11-7

    Ultra high pressure washing machine is an effective equipment for rust and paint removal.

  • High pressure cleaning2023-11-6

    High pressure cleaning is the method by which a high pressure stream of water is used for old paint, rust, road marking ,rubber, barnacle,asphalt removal or other heavy buildup without causing damage to the surface below it,it can be used the best way for for surface preparation.

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