high pressure water blaster
  • High pressure water blasting systems2023-12-2

    High pressure water blasting systems have the proper pressure and flow rate with accessories to accommodate all projects that require high pressure hydro blasting. It is the most efficient method of cleaning for a vast number of applications including industrial pipe and rust and painting removing .

  • High pressure cleaning2023-11-6

    High pressure cleaning is the method by which a high pressure stream of water is used for old paint, rust, road marking ,rubber, barnacle,asphalt removal or other heavy buildup without causing damage to the surface below it,it can be used the best way for for surface preparation.

  • Ultra high pressure water blaster2022-9-1

    Ultra high pressure water blaster is extremely useful tools, removing stubborn dirt and grime.Both in the industrial and domestic environments.

  • High pressure water blaster2022-9-1

    High pressure water blasters from 200bar up to 3000bar , utilising the latest waterblasting technology available for industry cleaning .

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