high pressure water jetting machine
  • What is the application of the ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Machine2022-9-7

    Ultra High pressure water jetting machine is the preferred method on projects where large amounts of abrasives must be collected and disposed.

  • High pressure washing machine2022-9-7

    Ultra high pressure washing machine is an effective equipment for rust and paint removal.

  • High pressure water blasting2022-9-3

    High pressure water blasting machine for surface cleaing always more than 2000 bar to 2,800 bar and can achieve pipe cleaning with lower pressure but with big flow rate like 300L/min .

  • High pressure water jetting2021-9-9

    High pressure water jetting is the use of high speed streams of high pressure water to clean various surfaces for all of the materials and to cut through almost all solid materials .

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