Ultra high pressure water blasting Ultra high pressure water blasting

Ultra high pressure water blasting

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Ultra high pressure water blasting or UHP hydro jetting, is simply the practice of adopting highly pressurized water to remove a coating or contaminant from the surface of the material.

Why use ultra high pressure water jetting equipment?

Watex has a comprehensive range of ultra high pressure water blasting to meet the requirements of any industrial application. Our high pressure water blasting equipment removes dirt, scale, and other unwanted materials from surfaces and structures. Watex can undertake any size high pressure hydro blaster and ultra high pressure jetting . 

Ultra high pressure washer can be used for a variety of places. Including sewers, drains, tanks, marine vessels, bridges, buildings, chemical plant facilities and other amenities.

When operating conditions are really tough and extreme. Watex ultra high pressure washers are the best solution, whether the application is offshore or onshore.

Apart from being an environmental friendly jetting method, ultra high pressure hydro jetting machine have an excellent cleaning results.

Advantages of ultra high pressure water blasting

Optimal operating conditions, potentially minimising asset downtime.Industrial Solutions can be the best solution of plant cleaning with ultra high pressure water jetting.

UHP water blasting is a widespread water discharge operation with Pressure (40K PSI ). In most cases, because of its efficiency, Ultra high pressure hydro blaster will require only one operator for a place need to clean .

Watex ultra high pressure water jetting equipment for the pressures ranging from 800 bar to 3000bar .

This pressure range meet the various cleaning requirements of all of the industrial washing applications .Like Hydrodemolition concrete, marine surface preparation, tank & vessel cleaning and paint and descaling.

Ultra high pressure water blasting the toughest Coating

More and more professional hydro blaster is turning to ultra high pressure blasting for challenging industrial cleaning and stripping projects.  Waterjetting is not only cost-effective, it jetting the surface without damage to the existing profile and with very little impact on the environment.

UHP is ideal for the removal rust, scale, resins, chemical residues, and thick or abrasion resistant coatings – such as chlorinated rubber, coal-tar epoxies, polyurethanes, and glass-flake coatings. Water jetting both rust and coating by literally dis-bonding it from the surface.  The waste is then rinsed away – resulting in a totally clean surface.

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