Water blaster machine Water blaster machine

Water blaster machine

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Water blaster machine , also called waterblaster, uses a high pressure water more than (40,000 PSI or more) to remove rust, old paint, rubber, chemicals, corrosion, or other heavy buildups without damage to the surface below.

It provides a very effective method for cleaning large surfaces, heat transfer device, tanks and vessels, pipes /tubes and process equipment and reactor . Water jetting uses only water, making it washing methods without sand .

Watex has a comprehensive range of high pressure waterblaster machine to meet the requirements of any industrial application.

Our high pressure blasting machine removes dirt, scale, and other unwanted materials from surfaces and structures.

Why use Watex’s water blaster machine?

Watex’s high pressure waterblaster machine utilizes a combination of water and air pressure. This minimizes fatigue on the asset being cleaned and leaves little to no environmental impact, as no additives or abrasives are used. Keeping your equipment clean ensures optimal operating conditions, potentially minimizes asset downtime.

Our water blaster machine is perfect for:

Hydro demolition with water blaster machine

Hydro demolition is a process that can be used instead of traditional high impact percussion tools such as jackhammers, which are known to cause peripheral structural damage. The beauty of water blaster machine is that it can be concentrated on smaller areas and avoids damaging support or reinforcement structures. Waterblaster machine can be used on a variety of surfaces including concrete and road maintenance, and removes the risk of manual handling and vibration shock associated with percussion demolition.

We can undertake any size high pressure water jetting and ultra high pressure jet rodding . And offering a range of state-of-the-art mobile equipment with water pressure capability of up to 40.000 psi .

Waterblaster machine can be used for a variety of locations, including sewers, drains, tanks, marine vessels, bridges, buildings, manufacturing plant facilities and other amenities.Including lots of industry cleaning .

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