Water jet blasting equipment Water jet blasting equipment

Water jet blasting equipment

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Water jet blasting equipment has been around for many years for a number of cleaning applications. The use of high pressure water for cleaning dates back to the mining & checmical or oil industry . Today waterjet blasting equipment will mainly used for cleaning all of the industries .

Oil and gas industry with waterjet blasting equipment

Water jet blasting equipment is used for the oil and gas and chemical industry to clean organic and inorganic substances from well or surface. Waterjet blasting techniques are often used to clean metal surfaces to make them ready for painting and it is also very effectively used to remove layers of paint while leaving the layer below untouched and can even be used roughen a surface to make coatings adhere more successfully.

Drain cleaning with water jet blasting equipment

Drain cleaning use a high pressure water cleaning system to blast the blockage through the drain.
To clean driveways, Watex use a lower pressure water jet to take off the surface dirt and expose the clean surface underneath. 

It is the ultra high pressure that makes the water such an effective cleaning solution. For industry cleaning drains it is usually between 10000 and 40600 psi or 2800 bar.

Advantages of water jet blasting machine

There are many advantages of water jet blasting equipment. For intance, it is less intrusive which in turn is more cost effective.

It quite often saves us from having to dig up the pipe working . Secondly, it better for the environment as it is just water under high pressure, so we don’t have to throw a bunch of chemicals down the sewer which ultimately have to end up somewhere.

Mostly hydroblasting recommend regular drain cleaning to prevent blockages in the future. Some client of us purchased our water jet blasting machine offer drain maintenance contracts to commercial and private customers.

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