Water jet cleaning Water jet cleaning

Water jet cleaning

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Water jet cleaning, or waterjet cleaning machine is widely used process for the removal of material, coating, or contamination from the surface of material in a competitive price . Watex has experience with all types of water jet cleaning machine and specializes water jet blasting technology .

Water jet cleaning process removes coatings with one of two different mechanisms: erosion or delamination. Erosion is used on the majority of hard coatings such as metal. A special nozzle is used to break up the water stream into high strong droplets, which impact the surface of the coating. This causes small pieces of the coating escape from the surface, leaving the substrate intact.

The other method of removal is delamination, such as paint, adhesives, ceramic and abradable thermal sprayed coatings. With these softer coatings a nozzle keeps the waterjet stream intact, allowing it to penetrate the coating and break the surface. Waterjet cleaning spreading out to delaminate the coating at the bond interface. Much faster cleaning rates are achieved with this type of removal as compared to the hard coatings that require erosion removal. It is crucial that water jet removal is understood so that the correct water jet cleaning nozzle and process parameters are selected.

20000 psi- 40000 psi water jet cleaning machine

Ultra high pressure water jet blasting uses water that is pressurized between 14,500psi. From 20,000psi to 40,000 psi to remove coatings and debris from substrates.

Most water jet cleaning solution consist of the following subsystems:

  • Water jet pump to pressurize the water
  • Flat nozzle and rotative cleaning head
  • High pressure cleaning gun
  • Process control devices
  • Protective suit

Water jet blasting process

Water jet cleaning process offers many benefits over competing conventional method to remove coatings. Traditionally coatings removed by the use of chemicals or abrasive blasting or machining. Chemical removal is expensive, slow, and not environmentally. Abrasive blasting or machining is more cost effective and faster than chemical processing. But cannot be used for lots of cleaning , which usually results in removal of excessive material, hence limiting the life of these parts.

Water jet cleaning machine is fast, environmentally friendly, and can only remove the coating with minimal to no substrate removal. It make it the best alternative for coating removal for critical applications such as removal of thermal sprayed coating from gas turbine components.

Surface preparation by UHP water jet cleaning machine price uses pure water at pressure more than 40,000psi.  No inhibitors or other media added to remove previously applied coatings.  High pressure cleaning gun is available with multiple nozzles and barrel lengths.  Various types of coatings require different flow rates and pressures. The pressure is regulated by the pump and the flow rate is determined and different types of nozzles .

Two types of discharge water from the water jet cleaning equipment

There are two types of discharge water from the water jet blasting equipment. Water discharged at the pump is cooling water combining with chiller system.  It has gone through the filtration system and is used for cooling purposes. This water is discharged on the ground or collected, cooled, and reused.

Water jet blasting machine discharge water typically requires treatment.  After the water strikes the surface. the runoff water can have paint chips, grease, coating particulates, or other solid or dissolved solids.  The water can be put through filtration to collect solids.  Then the filtered water is typically allowed to be discharged on the ground or into sewer treatment .

Lead paint is a good example of a coating that will not mix with water.  By removing the paint particles, the water is then lead free.  This drastically reduces solid waste disposal on lead projects versus disposal of grit mixed with lead paint particles.

Water jet cleaning solution specifications:

Water jet pump has a triplex plunger design that uses ceramic or carbide plungers and is direct coupled to the diesel engine using a vibration dampening coupling. High pressure end of the pump has three removable heads. Plungers are lubricated by filtered inlet water with no external lubrication.

The control system of the water jet cleaning machine price has monitors and shutdowns controlled by relay logic controls. The controller monitors all safety features of the pump including low inlet water pressure. low oil pressure, and oil temperature level.

A pressure control system allows the operating pressure to be adjustable from zero to 40,000psi.  The pressure is controlled by an external pneumatic valve that allows up to three hand tools to be controlled simultaneously from the pump.

This pump has over pressure protection. We use safety valve to control the pump when the pressure take over it’s maximum pressure we set . The over pressure valve that can be reset if pump pressure exceeds it’s max pressure we designed .

40000 psi hydro jetting machine (hydro blaster)

All high pressure plumbing components are rated at 60,000psi.when the water jet cleaning pump up to 40000 psi .  All tubing is safety shielded with interlocking stainless steel protection.

High pressure cleaning gun are rated at 45,000psi.  These lances with nozzles that rotate at 3000rpm and are air-driven. Different barrel lengths are available for these strong constructed tools . All lances have dual triggers and the on/off valve is controlled by a single air operated valve.

Nozzle selections can be made from 2, 3,5,7 holes for pipe cleaning .The 2 and 4 jet nozzles are typically used for thick rubber linings and extremely tenacious coatings. The2- 4 holes cleaning head is the most common and cleaning the surface ; the 5-7holes nozzle is used for pipe cleaning ; and the fan jet is used for sweeping and light removal. 

A secondary burst shield with wire braids surround the supply hose to the jetlance.  This hose

All high pressure hoses are rated at 50,000psi with a 2.5 safety factor for 2800 bar machine. And 1800 bar rating for 1500 bar pump .

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