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Water Jetter

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Water Jetter is a high pressure hose used to clean clogged drain lines,it is a modern and extremely effective drain and sewer line cleaning technique .

The insides of all sorts of pipes can be cleaned thoroughly clean of build up and blockages, with the debris rinsed away by a large volume of water.

Alongside the brute force of water sprayed at several thousand PSI, successful drain. And water jetter depends on computer-aided-designed precision machined nozzles delivering the water to the greatest effect.

Drain jetter is ideal for situations where build up on the interiors of plumbing is considerable and extensive.

Whether the blockage is typical grease and oil, more uncommon bacterial build up . Or the locally problematic accumulation of mineral deposits from hard water– Sewer Jetting completely rinses the interiors of pipes.

Water Jetter

How does a water jetter work?

Pipe blockages are simple issues . Sometimes the issue is built up over time as debris sticks to the pipe walls . Gradually narrowing down the free passage, and other times something big enough blocks almost all space at once.

When a blockage like this happens, will try sewer jetting first – a reel of a long cable that wiggles its way through the pipe. While snaking is a great plumber’s tool, it merely opens the line. Sewer jetting both opens and cleans the line, giving you longer-lasting and better results.

If you’ve ever seen a water jetter in action, you know how powerful cleaning with pressurized water is. Drain jetting machine have a long hose with a nozzle that lets out 3 super-pressurized streams of water through your pipes.

As you run the hose through your pipes, the powerful sewer jetter blast the walls of the pipe with incredible force, breaking it down and letting the small pieces go away on their own. These powerful streams are what make clearing blockages with a sewer jetter so easy.

Which type of hydro blasting machine as a hydro jetter ?

is essentially a high-pressure pump and a long hose with the right nozzle design. However, bear in mind that professional water jetter come equipped with incredibly powerful high-pressure pumps.

In most cases, Pressure Washers are no match for them – a big, trailer-mounted sewer jetter may be operated by a pressure pump that works with up to 300L per minute.

High pressure washer is definitely much weaker for drain cleaning . But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to clear smaller obstructions and regular maintenance of your pipelines.

However, since you still do need a lot of pressure and a strong stream of water. That just for small sewer cleaning and not fit for the job. Only a big flow rate with the pressure around 300L/min for big sewer cleaning

Hose and nozzle attachments

The hose and the nozzles are what make a high pressure water jetter need.

A drain jetter hose is usually very long so that it can reach far down the pipe. These hoses are typically very light, flexible, resist abrasion well, and tend to be slippery too.

The hoses can typically handle a maximum of 10000 or 20000 PSI. The hose is pulled by the design of the nozzle and the jets of water flowing out of it.

There are different types of Water jetter nozzles available on the market. And the main difference between them is the angle of the backward-facing jet holes.

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