Water jetting be used for oil and gas industry Water jetting be used for oil and gas industry

Water jetting be used for oil and gas industry

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Water jetting be used for oil and gas industry .High pressure water blasting delivers on average at least 1000 bar (15000 psi) with approximate water volumes of 100L/min per minute and has long been a reliable method for oil industry cleaning.

Due to the size and materials that can form in the production process, Watex’s water jetting machine can be used for a wide verity of applications such as cleaning, de-coating, rust removal along with tube & bundle cleaning.

Ultra high pressure hydro blasting brings an even more powerful tool to bear on your most challenging cleaning projects.

The widest variety of methods and devices have been used up to now for these – requiring considerable investment and logistics.

Water jetting method is winning increasing popularity as the only process to fulfill all these tasks using a single technology.

Reliable high pressure water jetting under extrame condition

Water jet unit along with a complete range of devices and tools specially developed for the highest pressures, are available for this process.

The widest variety of methods and devices have been used up to now for these – requiring considerable investment and logistics.

Water used as jetting and cutting means is unobjectionable, in terms of both safety and ecology.

Surface preparation and parts cleaning

Efficent parts and surface cleaning with ultra high presure water jetting system.

Widely different surfaces and materials must be cleaned regularly so that continuous processes and safety are ensured during operation.

Surfaces and materials in industrial process must be regularly cleaned to guarantee qualities and work safety. Watex offers various ultra-high-pressure waterjetting solutions for the cleaning of surfaces.

Sieve and filter cleaning with water jetting

The functional capability of strainers and filters depends essentially on the state of their surfaces. They must therefore be constantly cleaned.

In almost all sectors of industry,water jetting for mesh and filters, as well as their baskets, trays and nets come into use. The ability of these important procedural components to function depends substantially on the condition of their surface. Consequently, mesh and filters must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Heat exchanger cleaning

Stubborn deposits often form in heat exchanger. Clean surfaces are the basis here for efficient production processes.

Heat exchanger often leads to a build up of stubborn deposits, which can harden and reduce flow then block the apparatus.

Cleaning surfaces and unhindered material flow are, however, the basis for efficient production processes, which are required for constant production temperatures.

Tank cleaning

Quick and thorough cleaning of tanks is necessary to disturb the production process as little as possible.

Watex tank wash heads fulfill this task quickly, safely and reliably. The external cleaning of tanks occurs primarily for avoiding corrosion or for visual reasons.

In order to avoid disrupt the production process as little as possible , a quick and thorough cleaning of storage tanks is crucial.

Pipe jetting with high pressure water

Pipes have important functions everywhere in industry. To fulfill these functions, their flow continuity must be ensured.

In order for pipes to fulfill their important functions, deposits must be removed and blockages must be solved.

Pipes are the veins of all facilities in every industry-sector: From pipes with 15 mm internal width to big pipelines, for fluids, solid materials or gases, with vacuums, over-pressure or in a constant flow.

Cleaning and maintenance offshore

The offshore working condition are extreme and challenging. The external environment on the high seas pose challenges for both people and materials. 

Complex technologies are installed on narrowest space.
Watex ultra-high-pressure solutions are made for these conditions.

Watex has developed a variety of systems that make its use of the technique very different to the industry norm.

Watex has designed, developed and used high pressure water blasting to solve some of industries’ most unusual and difficult cleaning challenges.Now oil and gas industry using water jetting machine very popular .There are lots of advantages.

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