Water jetting system Water jetting system

Water jetting system

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Water jetting system is the use of high-speed streams of high pressure water to cut through almost all solid materials and to clean various surfaces as well .

In high pressure water jetting. High-pressure water is forced to pass through the small hole or orifice of the jet nozzle. Where the restriction of the small orifice results in a high-pressure water stream.

High pressure water jetting can be just pure water or water with abrasives. Cleaning chemicals or other additives at an operating pressure of between 10,000 to 41,600 psi from a system that includes an engine, pump, water storage tank hose, specialized nozzle and other accessories. The terms “pure water jetting system

No matter what industry you are in, high pressure water jetting or high pressure water blasting is an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly part of any industrial plant or industrial equipment cleaning tool.

It has many applications, including surface preparation and cleaning, pipe and tank cleaning, pathways and roads marking removal, concrete demolition in no-fire zones,  and scale, old paint and rust removal and barnacle .

Specially designed guns with high pressure safety valve to maximize the safety during the jetting process for operator. With automated tooling and a number of different type of nozzles can cleaning different material will not constrain to the surface cleaning only.

How does water jetting system work?

water jetting system relies on specialized equipment—commonly known as water jetters—to generate highly pressurized jets of water.

The units consist of the following components: a heavy-duty hose, a nozzle, a water tank, a pump, and a motor.

The design of the nozzle is essential to the process. It features tiny openings that point forward and backward. When water is pushed through them by the pump,the hose and nozzle assembly propels through the drain or sewer line

And breaks up and flushes out any dirt and debris accumulated inside it. Different types of nozzles are used to handle different types of accumulations and obstructions, such as dirt or tree roots.

Due to the power of the high-pressure equipment, it is essential to have a trained professional to operate it. Otherwise, there is an elevated risk of damaging the piping system. The steps in a typical water jetting operation are as follows:

Benefits of water jetting system

Compared to other drain and sewer cleaning solutions, water jetting system offers a number of benefits, including the following:

Thoroughness and Effectiveness: High pressure jetting thoroughly removes grease, dirt, sludge. And other solids and residues that are nearly impossible to tackle with less powerful methods .

Cost-Effectiveness: Water jetting is so thorough you won’t require multiple, often expensive, chemical treatments for the same clog.

Environmental Friendliness: Water jetting typically only requires water to accomplish the desired results.

Versatility: Water jetting technicians can select specific tools and techniques for any blockage, making the service useful for routine cleanings.

Suitability for Preventative Maintenance: Clogs can cause downtime or equipment failures for many businesses. Scheduled water jetting can prevent these problems from occurring at a relatively low cost.

Water blasting system for sewer cleaning applications

Water jetting system is ideal for cleaning drain and sewer lines with severe and stubborn blockages. Such as concrete or roots. These obstructions can lead to system backup and overflow, both of which can cause facility and equipment damage.

Water jetting equipment is powerful enough to break up and flush out these materials from the line.

In addition to removing obstructions such as concrete and roots from drain and sewer lines. Water jetting is also used for the following applications:

  • Pipe degreasing
  • Pipe descaling
  • Pipe deicing/thawing
  • General pipe cleaning

Watex has access to the largest high & ultra-high pressure water cleaners available in European countries. And some countries near the sea for shipyard, ranging in horsepower from 70 to 2000 HP.

We also utilise state-of-the-art cleaning attachment. Including spinning nozzles. Rotating cleaning head pipe cleaning attachments. tank cleaning heads. floor cleaners and automatic internal and external exchanger tube bundle cleaners.
As part of our commitment to providing high quality water jetting services that are safe, fast, efficient. And effective, with zero or minimal environmental effects.

We ensure our team is highly trained and experienced. with extensive knowledge in high-pressure water blasting across a variety of industries, big and small.

UHP water jetting system designed to provide a better quality treated surface

Our water jetting units equipped with an aspiration system that collect the waste treatment. And minimize the water consumption by recycling it. And our water blasting system can adopt sea water directly.

Surface preparation in nuclear power generation facilities. We also have a number of dedicated U.H.P. water jetting which is made specially for this industry. So that they can be used in certain controlled zones and moved from one site to another side .

Watex hydro jetting system come with lots of benefits, like waste reduction. More better working condition and increased safety by the way of using robot and some tools .

Water jetting system is a equipment for surface preparation that uses water focus on surface at pressures from 20,000 to 40,000 psi.

No abrasive used in the operation as water jetting only relies on the energy of the water striking the surface to achieve the removal of the hard contamination like rust and paint.

Removing paint and surface contaminants have a threshold energy. If the water jetting  exceeds the threshold,  the coating and paint will be removed easy .

When using UHP water jetting system as a tool for surface preparation, part of the energy is transformed into heat. The heat raises the temperature of the substrate and accelerates the evaporation of the water. Then result in drying of the surface. The metallic steel surface will quickly ginger as a result of surface oxidation, this is known as flash rusting.

Ultra high pressure water jetting system can be used for many applications

And can save the time and money comparing with traditional cleaning method. No need chemicals or sand for cleaning to decrease the waste disposal cost.

We have filtering machine can deal with any of the waste water produced by the UHP water jetting process. And our machine also can use sea water directly . This is vital when removing existing coating systems containing lead and other toxic material . UHP water jetting has become increasingly popular as an alternative to sand blasting. Due to the speed of coating removal and reduction in air contaminant.

An additional feature of UHP water jetting system is that any soluble salts and invisible surface contamination can be removed away. In order to obtain the perfect adhesion strength between the primer and the steel surface. Surface tolerant primer should be considered.

Our 15000 psi- 40000 psi pump can clean most contaminants with big flow rate from 85L/min to 220L/min

  • Boiler cleaning
  • Steam drum washing
  • Storage tank cleaning
  • Anaerobic digester plant cleaning with water jetting
  • Heat exchangers
  • Mud rums
  • Tube Cleaning

Benefits after you change the cleaning method

Ultra high pressure water jetting is greener methos than you think. Water jetting method cleaning only use pure water. There is no chemical cleaning like using hazardous liquid and therefore no chemical waste. No sand is used so no damage to surface, so blasting will not change the form of the metal .

High pressure water jetting system uses high velocity water to remove contaminant and other debris. It is an effective way for surface cleaning and pipe washing. The force of the water propellent is strong enough to remove unwanted layers of old coating. Preparing the surface of the material for subsequent procedures like applying new painting .

UHP water jetting unit obtains water from a water tank. setting the max pressure with high pressure hose and connect the cleaning gun with rotative cleaning head or normal cleaning head. High pressure cleaning gun’s trigger controls the UHP valve. So when the valve is open, it releases pressurized water and aim at the material to achieve cleaning.

Water jetting system can reduce the downtime for you company

UHP water blasting reduces downtime, after jetting, the surface of the jetting will dry soon ,due to the heat produced from the jetting . Do not need to use other tool dry the surface .With lower water consumption result in minimal disposal cost without no environmental risk .

Ultra high pressure (UHP) water jetting system benefits 

  • Obliteration of metal surface degradation. 
  • Eradication of airborne contaminant
  • Low water consumption for surface cleaning
  • Reducing downtime for the factory
  • Welding part or structure preparation after finishing welding
  • Dustless and odorless during blasting process
  • Ideal method for indoor and outdoor project cleaning
  • Vacuum recovery tool efficiently collects liquid and debris 
  • Meet air clearance compliance test for abatement 

Watex is professional manufacture in ultra high pressure blasting technology more than 30 years .

Ultra high pressure water blasting system is ideally method for general deposit cleaning and removing rust and paint and surface preparation. When preparing surface for inspection or new coating . Hydro blasting offers many advantages over traditional shot blasting (there is no secondary damage, contamination or profiling). It is more safer, quicker.

There is one thing we should note that for tube cleaning we are experienced enough to know that tubes are completely different with pipe cleaning.

Tubes are more smaller and tightly clustered together in bundle or bank. We use a range of hydro jetting system combined with cleaning head for tubes washing to keep the production and heat transfer efficient.

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