Water jetting unit Water jetting unit

Water jetting unit

Date:2023-11-28 Author:admin

What is water jetting unit ?
No matter what heavy industry you are in, high pressure water jetting unit is an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly part of any industrial plant or industrial equipment cleaning toolkit.

It has many applications, including surface preparation and cleaning, pipe and tank cleaning, pathways and road marking removalconcrete demolition in no-fire zones, and scale, paint and rust removal.

With best breed pumps, accessories and robotic techniques for provision of all of ultra high pressure water jetting unit needs.

Watex has access to the largest high & ultra-high pressure water cleaners , ranging in horsepower from 800 to 980 HP.

We also utilize state of the art cleaning attachments, including spinning nozzles, rotary multi-jet head pipe cleaning attachments . Tank cleaning heads, floor cleaners and automatic internal and external exchanger tube bundle cleaners.

High pressure water jetting unit for the heat exchanger and pipeline cleaning in checmical plant

As part of our commitment to providing high quality water jetting system. That are safe fast, efficient and effective, with zero or minimal environmental effects.

We ensure our unit is highly tested and good workmanship . With extensive knowledge in hydro jetting across a variety of industries, big and small.

Flexible high pressure water jetting unit or hydro jetting system designed for cleaning tubes . The heat exchanger, plate heat exchangers and pressure water coolers.

Water jetting machine was assembled on the cart for transport in the chemical plant .With the possibility of high-pressure water blasting also other technology such as tanks, pipelines, filters in the chemical industrial area.

The high pressure unit was equipped with the complete accessories for cleaning external surfaces (high pressure gun, nozzles and rotative cleaning head or straight nozzles with one hole) as well as internal surfaces (foot panel, high pressure hoses specially for heat exchanger, rotary exchanger and sewer nozzles, direct nozzles).

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