What is waterblasting machine? What is waterblasting machine?

What is waterblasting machine?

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When it comes to finalizing a project need waterblasting machine to finish , the selection of a surface finishing method is often in order.

Cleaning the surface of your project can be essential for preserving the quality of your intended coating as well as the integrity of the surface itself.

The right type of surface finishing method will effectively ensure your project is in peak condition when it heads out the door.

Surface finishing is essential when you’re about to paint, apply a sealant, or need to smooth a surface to meet roughness requirements.

Two of the most common types of surface finishing machines are waterblasting machine and sandblasting machine, techniques with similar end results but different advantages.

Just what are their differences, and which method could be the best fit for your project?

Waterblasting machine

Waterblasting machine or ultra high pressure water blasting system, is a method that uses high pressure water to accomplish surface clearing.

What is waterblasting machine?

High-pressured water is deployed in a concentrated stream from the equipment’s nozzle to wash away any particles, debris, or existing coating on a surface.

Waterblasting machine is typically considered the an eco-friendly type of surface finishing solution. It doesn’t use chemicals so its technique doesn’t release any chemicals into the air when contact is made with the surface.

Careful application of the waterblasting technique is important, though. If the water stream is concentrated on one part of the surface for too long, it may cause divots.

Most waterblasters come with different nozzle settings so that water pressure and stream can be adjusted on a per-project basis.

Because waterblasting machine just uses water to clean a surface, no additional residue is left behind. Many waterblasters have vacuum dry technology, but should they not, the water left behind on the surface will simply evaporate.

Sand blasting machine

As its name also suggests, sandblasting, or abrasive media blasting, uses a pressurized stream of abrasive to prepare a surface. It is different from waterblasting machine.

Sandblasting also be warranted when a more powerful and effective alternative to using sand paper or chemical paint strippers is in order.

There are two distinct types of sandblasting.

Wet sandblasting or vapor blasting is a high-powered stream of water and media mixed together. Think of it as a hybrid between waterblasting and straight sandblasting.

People often use sandblasting when they want to avoid a dust cloud, which results from the second type of sandblasting: dry sandblasting. Sand blasting combines high-pressure air and an abrasive material.

Both types of sandblasting are considered faster ways to clear a surface as compared to waterblasting. Sandblasting also typically shapes materials with more ease in less time than waterblasting.

Are there times when a project calls for both waterblasting and sandblasting?

Both waterblasting machine and sandblasting equipment:

  • Use high pressure streams to clear surfaces
  • Can be applied to a variety of surfaces
  • Rely on even application

However, waterblasting machine:

  • Is eco-friendly
  • Doesn’t leave behind any residue
  • Usually doesn’t use any chemicals
  • Can create a water containment issue

While sandblasting machine:

  • Can generate clouds of dust
  • Can be both wet or dry
  • Is ideal for preparing surfaces
  • Is faster than waterblasting
  • Is a good choice for metals

Every project has unique specifications that help determine whether waterblasting, sandblasting, or both are warranted.

The specifications can include the type of material, current surface condition, surface roughness requirements, and type of coating.

If you’re not sure which method makes the most sense for your project, reach out to us which has specialized in surfacing methods for more than 25 years!

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